Monday – Clean the Freezer

Today when I got home, at 5:10, I decided to clean out the freezer to see what there was for dinner. I do this every couple of months and it kills two birds with one stone. Luckily there was kale in the fridge.




This is garlicky kale, which you can make with any green you can cook. Throw some olive oil in a pot over medium heat, add some crushed garlic, then stir in some chopped greens. Lighter greens like spinach will wilt right away but kale is tougher. After a few minutes of tossing I add a splash of water, lower the heat and cover. The greens are done when they are tender and bright green.

I found some PC Blue Menu meatless chicken nuggets in the freezer, cooked up some oven fries, chopped up some peppers to have with black bean hummus (made with Lisa’s recipe from Show Me Vegan) , and dinner was ready. To wash it down, a Hopyard ale from Garrison Brewery, where all the beer is vegan and excellent.


6 comments on “Monday – Clean the Freezer

  1. YUM! You have me craving kale now and it’s one veg I’ve never seen in the shops here!
    Happy MoFo’ing.

  2. jewbacca says:

    i impale, you impale. we all impale for tasty kale. seriously, i could eat kale every single day.

  3. I’m glad to find so many other kale lovers.

  4. Jinx says:

    That kale looks so good. I keep trying to like cooked greens like that…how can it look so good and then my mouth goes “bleh”? I do like dehydrated kale chips with nutritional yeast.

  5. Radmama says:

    We had garlicky kale tonight, but not being vegan we had it with butter instead of olive oil. It accompanied our logistically-challenging-evening menu of grocery store cooked chicken and french fries.
    Yes, kale is now considered “convenience food” at our house.

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