Tuesday – toast and jelly, jam and relish

It’s cold today. November. What better snack is there than toast? Especially if the toast has homemade crabapple jelly on top.

When I was driving William to Camp Nedooae on Saturday we passed a table at the side of the road with jars of preserves and big bags of cranberries. After I had dropped him off, on the way back to the city, I stopped to see what looked good. There were at least six kinds of jam and jelly and four or five kinds of pickles. I love apple jelly but haven’t made it in years because of the work involved (all that straining) so picked a jar of that, plus plum jam, blackberry jam, and million dollar relish. I don’t know what million dollar relish is but I couldn’t pass it up with that name. I put my money in a plastic container labeled “money” and drove away happy.

For years now Tuesday night supper has been pasta, because cubs was on Tuesday night starting in 2000 and I had to get all three boys fed early and ready to walk down to St. James church to deliver William to cubs. I’m not a huge pasta fan but the kids will eat it once a week. They had fusili with tomato sauce and Yves Ground, and I made up a very quick Esme’s sauce to coat my fusili. Since lunch was hoppin’ john and leftover kale, I didn’t worry too much about veggies for tonight. No pics of the pasta, but mine is darker than in the link because I used brown miso.


3 comments on “Tuesday – toast and jelly, jam and relish

  1. I need to make some jams and pickles SOON! My garden produce just hasn’t been enough for that these past few years so I either have to go even more planting mad than usual or I’ll have to cheat and buy the veggies – either way it is on my list of things to do because your post just reminded me of how rocking home made jams and pickles are!

  2. Or just find a roadside stand like me. I like making pickles and jams but don’t do too much of it. I did make apple butter and apple chutney, and some blueberry jam.

  3. […] I was supposed to take pictures, so here is a picture of the partially-eaten sausage, slathered in million dollar relish, yellow mustard, and […]

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