Weekend lunches and other goodies

During the week, when I am working, I almost always take leftovers from the freezer to heat up in the microwave. It is easy and healthy and inexpensive.

On the weekend I usually prepare something for lunch – nothing fancy, just different than my weekdays.

Saturday I made whole wheat bread in the breadmaker. For some reason, for the first time ever though I have made this bread many times, it rose so high the lid of the breadmaker was pushed up. I was worried that the loss of heat would affect the bread but it turned out okay if a bit weird shaped. It looks like the photo has been stretched but that’s actual size.

Lunch on Saturday was a tomato and lettuce sandwich. I’m not a huge sandwich fan but I like the simple ones like this. As long as it’s freshly made and the bread is not made mushy from the tomato – wet mushy bread makes me nauseous. Obviously lots of vegenaise does not have the same effect. Tomato season is over here but it is possible still to get half-decent tomatoes in the stores, even Sobeys.

Note my favourite cat mug, a gift from my brother Ian, and my vintage table to match my vintage house.

Sunday’s lunch was leftover refried beans and sweet potato in a tortilla. I made the filling on Thursday for supper, super easy and tasty. I added CTate’s queso sauce, chopped spinach, and rolled it up.

Earlier this morning I made pumpkin muffins, at William’s request, with the leftover pumpkin from Friday’s pasta, plus blueberry muffins and Mocha Mama’s from Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar. The muffins are not the healthiest, dessert not breakfast, but that’s how we usually eat muffins anyway.

The cookies didn’t spread as much as in the book’s picture but they are heavenly. The recipe calls for coffee extract which I had a hard time finding. Bulk Barn carries a lot of extracts but not this one. I finally found it at my new favourite store, the Gourmet Cash and Carry on Kempt Road in Halifax. If you are looking for an exotic or hard-to-find ingredient, like amchur or black salt or unusual extracts,  you will likely find it here.


3 comments on “Weekend lunches and other goodies

  1. Ashley says:

    Subbing to your blog 🙂

  2. Mo says:

    Some great looking food!

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