Orange you glad it’s not Thanksgiving?

Are all you non-US citizens sick of hearing about Thanksgiving? Luckily today is an ordinary day here in Canada. Maybe for me not so ordinary – it was the last day of my four-month posting at [unnamed government agency]. Coincidentally, it was also the day for the CEO and CFO to travel around to the different divisions and bestow their grace on us. I got a cup of mediocre coffee and a fabulous orange out of the deal. Sorry, no picture of the orange.

Tonight was a roasted potatoes night.

Beautiful crusty brown roasted potatoes with rosemary and thyme

I added the onions too early and they were blackened - I actually like them that way


I also had a large green salad and an Yves sweet Italian sausage. I had eaten all of the salad and half of the sausage before I remembered I was supposed to take pictures, so here is a picture of the partially-eaten sausage, slathered in million dollar relish, yellow mustard, and ketchup.

A Garrison’s nut brown ale completes the pub-like meal and I am ready for my three day weekend.


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