Cinnamon buns with no cinnamon – oops

This morning at 3:30 AM, as is sometimes the case for me, I was lying in bed mentally gnawing over things I won’t mention here because this blog is about food, not my existential angst. After a half hour of inner turmoil I decided to get up and catch up on my internetting.

While sitting here I started to get hungry and thought to myself, I could make some cinnamon rolls. So I jumped up and got out one of my favourite cookbooks, Veganomicon, for the Maple and Brown Sugar Pinwheels recipe. I had made it once before and while we didn’t care for the orange and cardamon, the sweet dough is delicious so I was going to add some cinnamon to the brown sugar filling and have cinnamon rolls.

Unfortunately, at 5:30 AM my mental faculties aren’t always the sharpest. Some of you may remember the raccoon incident. I rolled out the risen dough, spread it with margarine, and sprinkled on the brown sugar. It wasn’t until much later (when I bit into one) that I realized I had forgotten the cinnamon. So we have butterscotch rolls instead and they are almost gone.

I wanted to try a different recipe with the seitan I had made a few weeks ago and tonight made the Almost All American Seitan Pot Pie, again from the ever-trusty Veganomicon. It was delicious. Missing from the picture are the sides of green beans and spinach.

The two holdout meat-eaters refused to even try it. It’s going to be a long week, month, year, since I have decided I am not cooking anything non-veg any more.

While the pot pie was baking I whipped up an apple crisp with some of the many apples hanging around looking shiftless.


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