Salsa success and pie failure

I went to the Halifax Seaport Farmer’s Market on Saturday for the first time.  I had gone occasionally to the old market (and still go there sometimes)  but hadn’t ventured to the new one, mainly because of the crowding issue.  I often go to the Dartmouth market, which is crowded, too, but much smaller, and I know the vendors.

What did I find at the market?  Tomatillos! And jalapenos, onions, red tomatoes, cilantro.

Last winter, while reading some Cooks Illustrated magazines a friend had given to me, I read a fascinating article on blueberry pie.  I am not a master pie maker but I had tried several times to make non-runny blueberry pie with no success.  I have to admit I didn’t follow the instructions exactly.  I had to use some frozen berries but since those were the cooked ones I didn’t think it would matter.  I also used a gravenstein apple instead of a granny smith and I think that was a big part of the problem.  I wonder too if their blueberries were the big high bush ones instead of my tiny wild Nova Scotia berries and if there is a difference in the chemical makeup, especially when they are cooked.  I am going to try again but this time with more thickener.  I am eagerly anticipating my new Vegan Pie In the Sky book which is due to arrive in a few short weeks.


As you can see, it still tasted good.


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