Vegan Diner simple supper

I borrowed the new cookbook Vegan Diner from the library a few weeks ago because of the raves it was getting on the PPK.  Most cookbook s I am happy to borrow from the library and return three weeks later but the very best ones I have to buy.  My copy of this one is coming.  I love the recipes and the layout is excellent

So tonight I made the Old-Fashioned Tomato soup – so easy and so delicious. 

On the weekend I had made the Great Smoky Mountain Cheeze, but substituting hickory liquid smoke for the smoked paprika.  The consistency is good, like a soft cheese – sliceable but still spreadable.  I toasted some leftover rosemary focaccia (recipe from Veganomicon) and spread on it some of the smoky spread.  Dunking it in the soup made it all more delicious.


One comment on “Vegan Diner simple supper

  1. Ah, that smoky cheeze looks fabulous! If you make the mac-n-cheeze recipe, I recommend doubling the amount of cashews called for and letting them all soak at least overnight (if you don’t have a Vitamix or Blendtec blender). I accidentally used too many cashews and it turned out perfectly.

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