I’m late for Vegan MoFo

I meant to do a post yesterday, I really did, but the day got away from me with all the shopping and cleaning and, especially, hanging out with my niece and nephew for the evening.  They are only 2 & 4 but are fabulous eaters, thanks to their dad (my brother)  and mom’s love of good food.

I am not a photographer, and my good kitchen full-spectrum light has been broken for months (I’m getting a new one on Tuesday), so these aren’t even close to professional pictures but I try to capture some of the deliciousness of the food I cook.

I made baked falafels for the first time, from Appetite for Reduction.  They tasted great but the texture was, of course and expectedly, not the same as fried.  They were also a bit on the mushy side which was my mistake.  As Eric said, I’m not sure they were far enough removed from hummus.

As you can see from the table, we wrapped them in pita, with tomato, cucumber, parsley and red onion for toppings.  The green sauce in the jar is Green Goddess Garlic Dressing from the same book.

I ran the Run for the Cure today in Halifax.  It poured, before and during, but it was good.  I raised some money and the firm I work for sponsors us.  Since a 5 km run is a bit short for me I ran across the finish line and kept going home.  I took a picture when I got home but I was so wet and bedraggled looking it’s going to stay unseen.

This was my post-run brunch: Scrambled tofu with spinach, leftover falafel patties with the green goddess dressing, Montreal bagel and sliced kiwi.

Accompanied of course by a large mug of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee from Java Blend, one of my favourite places in Halifax.  I think I’ll do a whole post on coffee in Halifax/Dartmouth later on.


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