Thanksgiving camping!

I am so excited that I got to go camping not only on Thanksgiving weekend but on the last day the provincial parks are open for the season.  The weather this past weekend was absolutely amazing for Nova Scotia in October:  sunny and highs in the mid-twenties.  What vegan food is good for camping?  For a short stay, the same as any other:  hot dogs roasted over the fire, tortilla chips and salsa, trail mix and marshmallows.

Our front yard

I like simple food when I camp, preferably something that can be roasted over a fire or is prepared in advance and just need reheating.

Regular marshmallows have gelatin.  Dandies don’t and they are delicious, if tiny and requiring delicate roasting over the fire.

Breakfast of champions – plain instant porridge with chunks of banana and trail mix.

I remembered the filters and coffee but forgot the plastic cone.  I improvised with a water bottle lid but it didn’t work very well.  I did eventually end up with a somewhat drinkable cup of coffee with a pile of dregs at the bottom.

Sunrise over Mahone Bay

My oldest son, William


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