This rainy windy day brought to an end by beer and pizza

Not that I had that for supper, I jsut wished I did, and had a spare picture in my gallery.  The pizza is made by me, but the beer is by Garrison Brewery in Halifax, right outside the Farmer`s Market and found in most NSLC stores.  All of their beers are 100% vegan and fabulously good.

Today we broke the record for the most rain to fall on an October day in my part of Nova Scotia – ever.  I had hoped that it would slow down before the end of the work day but sadly no and I ended up taking the bus to and from work instead of running.  I do run in the rain, and wind and cold etc., but the combination of extreme wind and rain today made running over the MacDonald Bridge an unattractive prospect. 

Leftovers tonight – tomato soup from the freezer with some baguette slices baked in the oven with pepperjack Daiya on them.  Also a few PC chick`n nuggets to round it out. 


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