Cheesy sauce gets healthier (but so delicious)


Cheezy brocs and spirals


I used to make a homemade cheese sauce in the microwave, so fast and easy you could whip it up while the macaroni cooked. A few years ago I discovered I liked it even more over broccoli or cauliflower than pasta.  The last couple of years I have been looking for alternatives to the dairy/saturated fat sauce.
I have tried many, some better than others, but the recipe in Vegan Diner is absolutely fabulous and so easy I can, again, whip it up while the pasta and vegetable are cooking.  I can’t give you the recipe but check your library for a copy of the book to try some of her fabulous recipes.
Here is a fall classic, at least in my part of the world: cranberry orange nut loaf.  Let it sit, wrapped or in a tin, for a day or two to let the moistness of the berries permeate the loaf.  It’s good toasted, too.

Cranberry orange loaf with walnuts