Thanksgiving pumpkin waffles

Thanksgiving is this weekend in Canada.  I am thankful for the beautiful summer-like weather and that tonight  I am going camping.  I am also thankful that no turkeys will die to feed me.  Pumpkins, on the other hand, I will eat with abandon.

Today’s holiday brunch recipe is courtesy of the great and talented Isa Chandra of Post Punk Kitchen fame.  This recipe for pumpkin waffles is from Vegan With a Vengeance but she has shared it on the web site.  Here is a naked waffle:

And here it is dressed up with syrup and homemade peach jam:

Happy Thanksgiving!


Friday – Pumpkin Baked Ziti with Carmelized Onion and Sage Crumb Topping

That’s quite a name for a recipe, but in this case the size of the title reflects the depth of delicious taste.  Another one from Veganomicon. Unfortunately, I think my camera skills are getting worse instead of better.

The base here is not ziti, but penne, just plain penne, nothing fancy. The sauce is an amazing meld of pumpkin puree, cashew ricotta, and carmelized onions. To top it off, bread crumbs made from my own homemade bread, walnut crumbs and herbs, warmed and Earth Balanced (not buttered) and sprinkled on top. So many delicious tastes and textures in every bite.

The recipe says it will take about an hour, and maybe if I had had the cashew ricotta and bread crumbs already made it might have, but it took me about 1.5 hours start to finish, and I am a fast cook.

The accompanying bread is definitely not mine. It is a Froment from Boulangerie La Vendéene.

And now for a gratuitous cat picture:


Wednesday – Shepherd’s and Shepherdess’s pie

I didn’t grow up eating shepherd’s pie. I’m not sure if I ever ate it until I was an adult, though my mom made a stove top ground beef and gravy meal with potatoes that was similar. It wasn’t until I moved to Quebec and lived in a cooking residence that I was exposed to the well-loved paté chinois.

Last night I made two versions, one with tempeh, using the recipe from Veganomicon, and one with Yves ground, using the Shepherd’s pie recipe from the big Canadian Living Cookbook (1987) my mother gave me many years ago.

I’m still not a shepherd’s or shepherdess’s pie fan but they were both tasty and satisfying.  Simon and I put ketchup on ours and that was good. It really looks disgusting.

Afterward supper,  Eric said he didn’t so much like the mashed potatoes and I agreed. He said, what if the topping was something else, or at least some other kind of potato. I had a brain flash – scalloped potatoes on top! Next time I’ll make it that way. The base could use more seasoning, too.

Tuesday night I made the double layer pumpkin cheesecake from the Fat Free Vegan blog that was getting rave reviews. I couldn’t find vegan graham crackers so used animal crackers for the base. It didn’t seem very vegan to be crushing the cute little creatures in my brand new blender but I did it and it was delicious. Don’t panic – its not fat free, though it is lower in fat than standard cheesecake.

While the oven was on and supper was cooking last night, I whipped up a batch of Apple Pie Crumbcake Muffins from Vegan With a Vengeance.

Getting out the potatoes for peeling, I found a heart shaped one. It’s either cute or ironic.